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Howto compile AZtrino

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Aztrino is one of the firmwares for decoders AzBox Me and MiniMe Neutrino based platform. In order to develop this environment, first we have to install some packages, and start the setup.

To begin preparing the environment, for example, from a Ubuntu 12.04, the less you have to run:



apt-get install cmake gperf

git clone git://gitorious.org/neutrino-hd/aztrino-buildsystem-cs.git

buildsystem cd-cs /

mkdir download


Edit the configuration file, running

nano config


Leaving the following

PLATFORM = azbox



We started the compilation

preqs make

make crosstool

make bootstrap


To compile Aztrino and we only run

make neutrino


For any questions, we always have the option of:

help make


In which shows all the possibilities of the system build

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